Life is busy, but basically GREAT!


In the spirit of all of this No Business, I must say yes!

I have said no to too many commitments, but if I want to make true changes and transformations in my life and and daily activities then I have to say yes to some things:

The first thing is saying yes to a schedule. I am a hyper-organized Virgo and I think the fact that I have not had a plan laid out daily, it has caused me to not be efficient at anything.

I have also decided starting today to say yes to good nutrition all of the time. No more to, “I will get back on track on Monday.” I am starting from this moment forward on my quest to lose 45 pounds by the end of the year. I may only make it halfway, but it will not be because I am not trying. My eating well all of the time will be a good influence for my kid. I eat healthy a lot now, but often times too much food or I eat too late, etc.

I am going to say yes to keeping a clean and neat home. I have always been a neat person. Everything has its place. But because I have been helping everyone else organize their club, or house or party or whatever (!), I have let my life go. Today I cleaned the patio, the grill, the toilets, re-organized the laundry room, straightened the closet and I am not finished!

I am also going to say to yes to moving and breaking a sweat everyday. I am going to make sure that we exercise 30 minutes to an hour everyday. Whether it is Zumba or Just Dance on Wii, walking around our beautiful neighborhood or riding our bikes which is my favorite thing to do.  It is not hard for my kid to do because she is an athlete, but it is never too late to find one’s inner athlete. Right?

Lastly, I am going to make a real effort to look for my dream job. I have the advanced degree so that means that I need to stop living in fear by working these menial jobs when I can offer so much more. True it is a tough job market right now, but I am smart and I know that if I keep trying that I will find a good fit that I am qualified for.

In the midst of all these yeses, I am going to make sure to not over-do what I want to accomplish everyday because I still have other things to do. Teach my daughter, run errands, work,  go to events-basically live my life. So although I am serious about re-gaining control over my life and improving things, I cannot go full force or I will be back at square one!

Hope your week is as productive as mine!  Remember that resolutions don’t have to only occur on New Year’s Eve…

There is a real magic in enthusiasm. It spells the difference between mediocrity and accomplishment.  Norman Vincent Peale

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