I am a mom of a beautiful person and I am so blessed to call her my daughter. I am a lover of life, laughter and learning. I love animals, reading, museums, music, friendships, riding my bike, going to events in the city and festivals in the suburbs. I am a genuine person and I just can’t fake anything. I can’t fake love, I can’t fake that I like someone, I can’t fake that I don’t have problems. I am as real as a person can get!

I want to be the best I can be in any relationship and I hope that people feel happier and are in a better place after speaking with me. I am not a spring chicken-I was born in the 70’s, but I am still so young at heart and haven’t quite found my way. I am figuring out faith, what I want to do in addition to being a mother,  (nothing is better!) and did I mention I have been separated from my husband for over 4 years? long story! Anyway, I hope to help others in my writing, help myself and enjoy myself in the process. Thanks for reading about me.


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