Dear Readers:

I really want to write on my blog everyday. I love writing so much. It is one of my talents, passions and outlets for my emotions. I unfortunately have had car troubles, housing issues, money problems and sometimes talking or writing about all of it makes me even more sad.

I talked to a friend today who seems to have it all. I usually try to stay fun and perky when around her, but I could not get through a phone conversation without crying. I do not know how to keep being strong and be a good example for my daughter while my life is crumbling all around me. I am holding onto FAITH so tightly that I slept with the Bible in the bed the other night, perhaps for protection?

I will appreciate it very much if you all understand that I am not giving up on Faith. That is the very premise of this blog. I will also be super grateful if you will hang with me while I am in the major transition period of my life. I am waiting and searching and yearning to know what God’s plan for me is. Sometimes I do not feel that there is a plan.

But, because ‘faith is all that I can stand on’, I will keep marching on. I will write on here when I can. I will be open and honest and I will share my triumphs (hope I have some) and my struggles (too many of these). Thanks for being supportive. 


Faithful in DC:)


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