Something amazing is happening to someone I love and I am not jealous. I am extremely PROUD!

A “kid” that I used to babysit for 10 years ago is now entering her last of the teen years. To celebrate this momentous occasion, she just got 2 final call backs for these MAJOR NYC/LA agencies! She actually works for a talent management company in our area, and the owner told her that the final call back “means something”. 

This girl is a prettier and softer looking Uma Thurman, and not so giant. She is sweet and kind and innocent and so old for her age. She has been through a lot in childhood and has never really believed in herself. She is gorgeous inside and out and now that she is being “chosen”, I think that it is sinking in that she is special. And that my friends is a wonderful thing. Especially at her young age.

To have the aha moment that I and many people are still searching for and that some never find. Some of the things that happen to people in my life bum me out because I do not think that they are deserving. They are not really giving or super kind. They are out for themselves and have never had it hard in any way that I can tell.

Take my friend aka my niece who is on her way. She really deserves this. She really will appreciate that. I have talked to her more verbally this week than i have in the 8 years that I have known her. She has told me how much over the years my positive aspirations to her have kept her going. That she attributes most of her success to me!

I do not actually believe I have done that much to help her. But who can trust me? A near middle aged mom who has yet to have her “moment”. I still do not completely believe in myself in the way that I should, but I expect people to believe in themselves. I damn near push them into it. 

It is honestly because I see something that they don’t and I also want them to go for their dreams and to have few regrets. I spent my 20’s and most of my 30’s now wasting time over failed relationships. My one victory or accomplishment besides my education is my child.

I am sad that I wasted time. Sad that I let the wrong people have control over my success or my happiness. That is why I am so invested in other people because I want to teach them the most important thing that everyone should be aware of. “Life is not a dress rehearsal.” 

No, it is not…


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