We are all writers here, so chill out okay???

Hello my fellow bloggers. Some of us are amateurish, some are well-trained, others are professional. There are a small percentage that could make it big like J.K, Rowling. So, why all of the mass hysteria and drama? If one of these writers is lucky enough to get a comment of any kind, be proud. Feel blessed. I haven’t written consistently on any of the blogs I have done, this one I have worked to keep current more than any of them, but I do not receive comments.

So…UNSOLICITED ADVICE-don’t be ticked off when someone comments and it is not what you want to hear. True writers, hell true people, will respond to your writing in a real way. I do not mean insult their writing style, I mean just not agree with them all of the time. I can’t believe how childish some bloggers act when people send a retort that is not up to snuff with their line of thinking.

As for people like Opinionated Man, ( I usually do not mention bloggers) he is calm and cool when people have things to say. I give him kudos. That is why I continue to read his work even if I do not comment regularly. Life is insane lately for me. I digress, if you know one of these overly sensitive bloggers, or if you are one-take a chill pill or tell “them” to take one.

After all, blogs are a place t share our lives, thoughts and dreams. If people do not feel the same as you do all of the time or share your point of view, tough. Thus is life.

Life is short, God’s way of encouraging a bit of focus.  ~Robert Brault


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