Innocence still lives on!

I woke up today, in a hurry as usual. I run to the car, make sure everything is in there that we need for our errands and my child’s various lessons. I walk back to the front door and she is outside anxiously waiting to tell me something. She said: “Mommy! The fairies have come, the fairies have come here again! But this time outside.” Well, I now that the fairies have visited a time or two before;), but I didn’t have any knowledge of it this time. She said, “Look mom, the fairies have painted the leaves!” I look up and true enough, since yesterday the leaves have changed colors on one tree.

Disclaimer, my child is super intelligent and you can’t fool her in day to day life. But, she believes in fairies. She is dedicated to the idea of them. She played Pixiehollow for four years. The only online game I approve of. It ended last week because apparently Disney wants children to not interact in a game anymore. They would rather children play mini-games by themselves or either use phone apps. I digress. But in this world, up until last week, the fairies celebrated seasons and painted the leaves and made sure that pollination happened and were partners in all of the beautiful endeavors that God and Mother Nature partook in.

I personally love that my child has a high I.Q. and is an advanced learner while at the same time managing to stay innocent. It is a hard balance. I have worked hard to not deceive her, but to let her believe in what she wants. I want her to be a child. Cynicism is for later. Like for my age.:) People tell her, children with no depth, that some of her interests are babyish. If I am in their company, which I often am because people love to come to our place, that perhaps that my child thinks that their behavior is babyish as well. Or their interest, or their lack of skill or whatever it may be. I do not attempt to demean them or hurt them but I simply want them to realize that their point of view is no more valid or better than hers.

I advocate for my kid. Just like I had to do at her tennis class. I had to tell them that she was in the wrong level and was miserable. Am I a tennis pro? No, but I am not blind and I know that she needed to move up. I feel that more and more I have to advocate for my kids in the case of what is best and to protect feelings and to preserve character.

Am a helicopter parent? Absolutely not. My kid has sleepovers, she takes 3 weekly classes without me, she goes on play dates without me. She goes to a Sunday school that is attached to a church of people from another nationality that I  have no ties to. She is her own person.

What I am in a parent is someone who wants her to simply enjoy her life while she is young. I want her to be better. Be happier, dream of what is behind the rainbow. Leave notes for fairies and believe that whatever she desires is hers for the taking.

If my desire to protect her and speak out for her makes me akin to a mechanism that has propellers, then I am what I am. As long as she is loved and feels comforted and safe and remains innocent in this jacked up world, then all is right in our world. For those that have a problem with it, visser!!!

Truly wonderful the mind of a child is.

YODA, Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clone


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