Last day of the pool. Whatever will I do?

I tend to do this every year. On the last day of the pool-Labor Day, I become nostalgic regarding the end of summer and how I should have gone swimming more. But this summer has been the busiest and least relaxing summer that we have had so it has been a bit tough to make it there. Then factor in the unseasonably cool weather and rain and that has cut pool time by a third or more. So, today I am already dressed and I have fed my daughter breakfast and we are going to the neighborhood market for a large pizza to take the pool when it opens. We have to get there as soon as the doors are unlocked because there is a chance of rain from 1 pm to 7 pm, again limiting pool time.

I am really big on tradition and it is our tradition to be the very last people to leave the pool on Labor Day and to swim until we can’t swim anymore, literally. I usually embrace the fall with wide open arms because it is beautiful and my birthday is in the fall. I also love football season. Not because I am a major football fan. It is because it reminds me of being in junior high and high school and playing in band and being involved in different activities. Going to all of the football games and gushing over the gorgeous football players:). The dawn of a new crush that was bigger and better than the fall before. It reminds me of new notebooks, folders and pens and freshly sharpened pencils. For me fall has always been a time of renewal in the way that people think of spring. A time for new clothes, a new look, a new year (when I was in school), and a resolution to make changes that would magically transform my life (weight loss, new haircut, new friends, new style).  

Though I love the changing leaves, apple picking, pumpkin patches and the many festivals in this area all of September and October, I need more time. More time to think, plan, remedy my problems. More time to dream, contemplate, decide on what my future will be. Our future. But as I embrace every unwelcome change, I will put away my swimsuit and beach towels tonight. I will take our swim bags out of the car and put them away until next year. I will pump air in the tires on our bikes and get them geared up for fall riding which is our favorite time to ride. Not too cool, not too warm. I will fill out my calendar with my commitments during the year as leader of my kid’s troop, roles I play in church, sports lessons, drama and dance and then on to the fun stuff. Listing all of the upcoming fall festivals-every town in our area has one and some are better than others. The Marine Corps kids fun run, The Wolftrap family fun run and of course the National Bookfest which is my favorite event in DC the whole year.  See, that half-full girl is already shaking off summer and showing her pretty face.

I am preparing myself for teaching my daughter school tomorrow and embracing the new schedule with narrowly parted arms, at least until I see that first leaf turn. That time between Labor Day until the real end of summer around the 20th or 21st of September is always a funky time. The transition takes longer because there are some really warm beautiful days for two weeks and everyone is in autumn mode when it feels like beach time. 

I really do love our life and I want a little more time to stay up late and not have to be somewhere on specified days and times. But, that is part of being a grown up. I have to pull up my big girl panties and take whatever job comes my way and get ready for the fun-filled months ahead, because they will be another adventure in the story of me and my child. And for that I am truly thankful and ready to go forth. If only time could freeze her age…

Have a blessed and happy Labor Day!

 One of my favorite quotes and favorite moveis-“Don’t you love New York in the fall? It makes me want to buy school supplies. I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address.” Kathleen Kelly, You Got Mail



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